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I want to personally welcome you to my website.  I hope you enjoy the art that you find within as much as I enjoyed creating them.

As the quote by Ansel Adams states, photographs as well as art are often looked at without knowledge of the story behind it.  Sure, an artist may just allow the paint to flow on their canvas, and the perfect scene may just happen to present itself.  However, most artists have far deeper intention, vision, or experience to go along with the art they create.   I hope that through this website I am able to provide you insight into a few of my pieces so you too can be there with me, as art is created.

Special Note:  You may find that the images on this website do not have great resolution - that is because they have purposely been reduced to keep “art thieves” from downloading hi-res images.  Upon request I can provide you a better quality image to view.  All images are available in limited edition prints.


“A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into.”

-  Ansel Adams

Copyright - Eric E. Peterson -  2015

Eric E. Peterson is an award winning Fine Art Photographer and Artist based in Corona, California.  He also serves as the Executive Director of The Arts Colony which is located at Corona Heritage Park at 510 W. Foothill Parkway Corona CA 92882  The Arts Colony and Corona Heritage Park are overseen by the Corona Heritage Foundation.  This Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. 

Eric E. Peterson is most recognized for his photography as well as graphic arts which are often begun through the photographic process.  However, he has been also known to dabble in the medias of pastels, pen and ink, charcoal and pencil drawing, and acrylic and watercolor painting.  As of yet he has not tried his hand at oil painting.  Little known to others is his desire to get back to sculpture, one of his favorite subjects during his time as an art major.

Eric E. Peterson is a lover of the Old West and has said that he was born 100 years too late.  He loves to translate his photography into an Old West style.  He also loves working in Black and White.  Throughout the galleries listed above you will find specific art series representing these two loves.  Being a conceptual artist, he can often be found working multiple art series at a time.

The definition of art is often debated, but Eric has a pretty simple perspective on that issue.  He believes, “What is confused as a ‘what is art’ debate more often stems from the real question, ‘What is good art and what is bad art?’  That I will leave to the viewer.  However, I believe art is the process of intentionally creating something in an effort to convey a message whether specific or abstract.”  When it comes to photography specifically, Eric will tell you that, “It is this intentionality that separates the ‘accidentalist’ from the artist.  In other words, there should be some training, some thought, some desire, some end-result thinking... beyond a ‘Oooohh - Hey, look at that!...SNAP.’”


What you might catch in a web if you’re sly, will take you beyond that which is nigh...